Shipping also available, please call for a current freight quote. All orders are due upon delivery or when picked up. Deliverie's have to be pre-arranged and a deposit is required, we offer several different payment options.
55 gallon barrel smokers with two racks, locking lid with hook, HD chrome smoke stack, casters, feed door, tri-tip rod and stainless steel hooks, ~ $200.00
Three barrel  "fair ground " syle bbq 3ft./ 4ft cooking space, lifting grate, casters ~ $550.00
"The Bull"  9ft. smoker with heat box in the middle and two stacks ~ $1,200.00
Two barrel trailer split grate, easy towing, with cutting board ~ $ 1,400.00
Split grate trailer with smoker / heat box, and ice chest ~ $1,500.00
12Ft. Santa Maria style adjustable grill, 4ft / 9ft. of grilling space, levelers, and easy towing ~ 5,000.00
4ft. smoker / grill trailer with smoke stack ~ $1,800.00
6ft. inclosed smoker with smoke stack, temp. gauge and four racks to cook on ~ $700.00
14ft. bbq smoker trailer with heat box,wood holder, smoke stack, diamond plate flooring and horse shoe handles ~ $ 2,500.00
18ft. bbq smoker trailer with 3ft. heat box, wood holder, smoke stack, diamond plate flooring, horse shoe handles. ~ $ 3,500.00
20ft. bbq smoker trailer with an additional vertical smoker , wood holder,smoke stack,diamond plate flooring,horse shoe handles, ~ $ 4,500.00